What is Precision livestock farming (PLF)?

Precision livestock farming aims to increase animal productivity, improve animal welfare and health, whilst reducing environmental impact. The improvement of animal productivity is achieved using modern real-time monitoring and management systems using satellite and ground-based sensors, alerting the farmer instantly when problems arise.

Can you make my farm more profitable?

Increased profit, productivity, and sustainability are the primary objectives of modern Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) platforms like Pastoral. Many users of PLF platforms find their farm revenue and productivity increases by 30% or more throughout a farming season.

Is Pastoral available in my country?

Pastoral is currently available only in Uzbekistan and the United Kingdom, although we plan on expanding our coverage to several countries in Europe, Central Asia and the African Sahel in late 2022. Don't hesitate to contact us using the link above to inquire when Pastoral is available in your location!

What is your relationship with the United Nations?

Pastoral was designed in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and graduated from the UNDP Innovation's 'Cultiv@te' incubator for innovation in sustainable agriculture. Pastoral has continued into development in partnership with the UNDP and FAO Country Offices in Uzbekistan and with the Uzbekistan Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Innovation.

What is your relationship with Karakoram Innovation

Karakoram innovation is our parent company. In 2021 we completed the Karakoram innovation incubator and became an independent company promoting a low-cost sustainable solution for precision agriculture both in Uzbekistan and the United Kingdom.

Can I be involved in this company?

Absolutely! You can see the jobs we're actively recruiting for using the Careers link at the bottom of this page. Even if we aren't recruiting for precisely what you do right now, please reach out to us and introduce yourself so that we know who you are when we open up different roles.

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