Intelligent Precision Livestock Farming for the global farmer.

Healthier more productive livestock with Pastoral

The world's first low-cost Precision Regenerative Livestock farming platform, increasing profit and decreasing environmental impact.

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Pastoral is proud to have been announced by EB as one of the top 100 SME businesses in the UK for 2023.

Regenerative Precision Livestock Farming

Optimise Grazing and Maximise Profits

Farming profit is determined by effective farm production and grazing programs. A precision grazing management program often results in over a 40% increase in meat production per hectare.

Lowering your Labour Costs

Labour often represents up to 25% of your farming costs. Pastoral could dramatically reduce these labour costs by using modern technology and precision management practices, freeing up labour that farmers could utilise elsewhere on your farm.

Meeting the Rising Demand

The demand for meat is expected to increase by 70% by 2050. Farmers will need to improve efficiency to meet this demand by increasing reproduction and production potential. Pastoral's chatbot based system improves efficiency and capacity without increasing farm size.

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Why Telegram?

Modern Farming Technology for Rural Farms

Telegram is one of the worlds most widely used applications, designed to function in rural farms and less connected areas of the world. Pastoral delivers precision live feeding, management, grazing, and intelligence information directly to your phone through the same Telegram chat service that farmers already use and love.

Seamless global livestock tracking that ‘just works’.

Solar Powered

Pastoral's Solar-Powered animal location and locomotion sensors are recharged automatically in sunlight!

15-day battery life (without solar charging)

Indoors? Particularily cloudy winter month? No problem! Pastoral's animal location and locomotion sensors have a 15 day battery life!

Works automatically in over 160 countries

Pastoral's animal location and locomotion sensors use low-connectivity 2G/3G GSM and operates automatically in over 160 countries with no additional setup!

Trust is important to us

Developed in partnership with global experts.

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Pricing Plans

Simple transparent pricing for all type of farmers.



Save up to 20%


For livestock farmers with small farms looking for simple herd management information in order to farm more profitably and sustainably.



  • Daily farm data by Telegram
  • Weather-based precision feeding and management practices
  • Connectivity with other farmers in the region
Most Popular Plan

Smallholder Farmer

For the farm manager of small to medium sized farms who need to allocate their valuable time more efficiently through automation.



/ per tracker

then £ 10 per month per tracker after that. Cancel anytime.

  • Real-Time Livestock Tracking in all environments
  • Virtual fencing and Rotational Grazing Strategies
  • Herd Management
  • Fine-scale animal management strategies

Farm Manager

For the large scale farm manager who needs the most detail about their animals.



/ per tracker

then £ 16 per month per tracker after that. Cancel anytime.

  • Ground sensor precision feeding and water data
  • Custom-formulated rations based on available farm plants
  • Animal weight and growth metrics

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