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Chief Product Officer / Head of Product (Remote)

Remote | Full Time

An experienced livestock subject matter expert is required to drive and iterate product vision, roadmap product features, lead MVP development, and work with the Chief Technology Officer to agree on technical feasibility.

Products matter. And that is why more and more companies like ours are adding executives who specifically focus on product development and the technology needed to enable it.

As Chief Product Officer, you will grow Pastoral to become the most widely used Precision Livestock and Precision Grazing tool on earth, focusing on providing the data needs of livestock farmers earning less than 5$ per day. Sometimes referred to as the Head of Product, Director of Product Management, or VP of Product, this C-level executive engages with every part of the Pastoral product lifecycle. This lifecycle begins with product development and product innovation and goes to product marketing and product analytics, leading all key decisions on the product team.

We are a Seed stage company on a rapid growth trajectory fueled by a unique partnership and endorsement from the United Nations Development Program and The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. As Chief Product Officer, you will play a key role in moving our venture forward from early prototypes to a finished product ready for first revenue and scale. This role sits on our Executive Team and reports to Pastoral’s CEO.

  • Lead vision, strategy, and fast-paced product development to grow the current product features of Pastoral in a way that drives impact, user engagement, and revenue and maintains and advances our position as the market leader
  • Expand the Pastoral platform by successfully launching and growing new product features that significantly impact outcomes for livestock farmers earning less than 5$ per day and establish a longer-term R&D pipeline for future product features
  • Maintain a high product quality while retaining a low product cost that is affordable to end-users
  • Lead product efforts to increase end-user product engagement and advance Pastoral’s position as a global Precision Livestock/Precision Grazing platform while acting on feedback from livestock farmers, farm managers, shepherds, and agricultural companies
  • Build out the next level of product development practices, operating rhythms, and cross-functional structures in a manner that reflects Pastoral’s DNA as a product-centric company and enables our product organisation to scale through our next chapters of growth (e.g., customer feedback process, road mapping process, strategic planning process, launch process, product metrics, OKRs, R&D pipeline)
  • Lead and grow the Product, Research, and Design teams through solid people management, recruiting, and talent development, and invest in the development of our Product, Research, and Design leaders
  • Partner closely with Chief Technology Officer, CEO, and broader Executive Team

  • Significant experience with livestock management, precision livestock management, or agriculture technology product development
  • A strong personality and livestock sector experience are needed to listen to the needs of low-income livestock farmers worldwide and propose solutions to their problems
  • Strong people manager with experience building and leading product, research, and a product-design team, including talent development, recruiting, and culture-building
  • Skilled at building, managing, and iterating product development practices, operating rhythms, and cross-functional structures across stages of growth (e.g., customer feedback processes, road mapping, strategic planning)
  • Customer-centric product leader and commercial thinker skilled at understanding customer problems, what will generate value for customers, how to position products, how to bring new products to market, and how to build a strategic and competitive advantage
  • Strong product sense and design instincts, with a focus on user experience
  • Skilled at setting product vision and strategy - you are a strategic thinker, and you engage in the substance of product vision while also empowering your team to own and co-create vision and strategy
  • Experience advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging
  • Moves quickly and thrives in a fast-paced, high-growth environment
  • Fast-learning, humble, high growth mindset, and welcomes ambiguity
  • Passionate about livestock farming and improving outcomes for low-income farmers around the world

  • Interest working in developmental innovation or tech-for-good.
  • Experience in fieldwork, particularly in developing economies
  • Ability to travel, if needed, to target market locations in Central Asia, South-East Asia, or anywhere the venture takes us

This role is fully remote. We hire in most countries.

Pastoral is the world's first Precision Livestock Farming platform inclusive to all of the world's farmers. We partner closely with our clients to make that future inclusive of people, planet and profit.

We do this through a deep focus on empathy, optimism, and applying creativity as a complement to analytical reasoning. This focus enables us to work through ambiguity with confidence—designing and promoting new products, services, experiences, and new ventures that solve people's unmet needs and allow our clients to adopt new mindsets, capabilities, and ways of working.

We are an equal opportunity employer and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

We'd love to hear from you. Even if you don't fulfil 100% of the above requirements or are unsure whether this would be the right fit, please do reach out to us with your questions by email using the link below!

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