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Geo Information Data Engineer (Remote)

Remote | Full Time

A Data Scientist is required to join Pastoral's Artificial Intelligence (AI) team developing machine and deep learning activities focused on creating high-resolution grazing pattern maps, including soil moisture and plant identification from GNSS-R and SAR data.

You will work with the Pastoral engineering team to discover and propose remote satellite data sources, working across the various disciplines of SAR and bistatic radar remote sensing analysis, SAR processing, SAR retrieval algorithm development, and measurement calibration and validation.

You will develop the remote sensing algorithms, statistics, analytics, machine learning, forecasting and optimisation to turn SAR measurements of the Earth surface into valuable products for Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) in Uzbekistan and, eventually, other locations. You will have the responsibility to ensure that we deliver high-quality, low-latency Earth remote sensing products and the freedom to pursue novel, high-impact applications. And instead of your ideas and efforts sitting on a shelf or hidden in an academic journal, you will see and experience them working in space within months.

  • Developing satellite SAR-based services and/or software algorithms based upon user requirements to structure, analyse and leverage SAR data in product and systems applications
  • SAR retrieval algorithm development for the conversion of low-level SAR measurements into calibrated measurements of Earth surface observations and derived products for land surfaces.
  • Conducting thorough calibration and validation of the measurements to improve the quality of the product.

  • University degree in mathematics, computer science, engineering, or Data Science/Engineering
  • Strong computer skills, including software engineering, software development programming experience with modern programming languages such as Python
  • Experience with machine and deep learning, particularly the development and optimisation of neural networks and computer vision (CV)

  • Interest working in developmental innovation or tech-for-good.
  • An understanding or interest in precision livestock farming or smart agriculture

This role is fully remote. We hire in most countries.

Pastoral is the world's first Precision Livestock Farming platform inclusive to all of the world's farmers. We partner closely with our clients to make that future inclusive of people, planet and profit.

We do this through a deep focus on empathy, optimism, and applying creativity as a complement to analytical reasoning. This focus enables us to work through ambiguity with confidence—designing and promoting new products, services, experiences, and new ventures that solve people's unmet needs and allow our clients to adopt new mindsets, capabilities, and ways of working.

We are an equal opportunity employer and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

We'd love to hear from you. Even if you don't fulfil 100% of the above requirements or are unsure whether this would be the right fit, please do reach out to us with your questions by email using the link below!

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